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Selassie_on_Time_Magazine_cover_1930TMSbyYafet«ይህችንም የዕውቀት ምግብ ቀጥታ የምታሳድጋችሁን ተማሪ ቤት በጥበብ አድጋችሁ በአእምሮ በምትጐለምሱበት ጊዜ እግዚአብሔር እንደየዕድላችሁ በሚሰጣችሁ ዕውቀት የሀገራችን መሣሪያ ናትና እንዳትጠብ እንድትሰፋ እንዳትወድቅ እንድትበረታ እንድትረዱዋት እለምናችኋለሁ።» ልዑል አልጋ ወራሽ ተፈሪ መኰንን ሚያዝያ ፲፱ ፲፱፻፲፯ የተፈሪ መኰንን ትምህርት ቤትን ሲከፍቱ ካደረጉት ንግግር 

“This school is an instrument which will operate on our country’s behalf through the knowledge which God gives to each of you according to your lot, once you have matured in wisdom and have become vigorous in intelligence.  So I beg of you to help the school which nurtures you, give you the food of knowledge: to see that it does not shrink but expands, that it does not fall but grows in strength.” Regent Ras Tafari Makonnen’s April 27, 1925 Inaugural Speech of Tafari Makonnen School


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