TMSAANA Fund Raising Committee

Recognizing that alumni annual membership payments will not be adequate to fund TMSAANA’s 2016-2018 Work Programme, the Third General Assembly decided to hold a special TMSAANA Fund Raising Event and established a TMSAANA Fund Raising Committee comprising of the following Alumni:

  • Tesfaye Aklilu,
  • Daniel Atnafu,
  • Berhane Eshete,
  • Taddesse Goshme, and
  • Selam Yisma.

 Working with the Board, the Committee will spearhead the Fund Raising event and will hold its first meeting soon. It plans to invite alumni with experience in fund raising and public outreach to join the Committee.

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  1. I have a concrete suggestion for a way to garner some extra income for TMSAANA ….

    Some time back, when I was involved with work on the TMSAANA website, I also on the side published a Facebook page to supplement and complement our Association’s membership’s growth and reach.
    The Facebook page is still out there as a tool both for the general public’s interactive interface and as a way to publicize and spread the Association’s name. I still to this day serve as the Page’s Admin.

    My message here is simple. The Facebook page can be enabled to permit advertising and have the revenues (fees) directed to TMSAANA’s coffers.

    To this end, I am eager and willing to hand over the management (administration) of the the Page to TMSAANA in order for the association to permit (set up) and run some advertising there. Naturally, we will be doing a serious examination and selection of the types of advertisements we will permit. Legal issues (among other criteria) may also need to be weighed in as we are non-profit.

    I am, therefore, here asking the Committee and the Board to consider this suggestion and inform me of your decision at your earliest.

    • Dear Henock,

      Thanks for your good suggestion. Given the limitation the Board currently faces to immediately take over the TMSAANA Facebook page, we will discuss it and get back to you. Until we find a solution, would you in the interim be willing to manage it? Needless to say, I and other Board members will work with you during this interim period.


      • Thanks, Bisrat.
        It will be no problem for me to continue managing TMSAANA’s Facebook page.
        Henceforth, I shall be communicating the progress of this matter with you and the Board directly.
        Happy New Year … and best of luck to all of us!


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