TMSAANA’s Alumni Visitors Program – Inaugural Lecture

SUBJECT: TMSAANA’s Alumni Visitors Program—Inaugural Lecture

Dear Fellow Alumni:
I am delighted to report that our Alumni Visitors Program is up and running. In response to my Email of September 2011, Alumni Berhan Fischer ’68, Dr. Wondwossen Bekele ’65 and Moges Ayele ’65 informed me that they will be visiting Addis during September – December 2011 and would be pleased to deliver lectures on subjects of interest to the Faculty and students.

On October 6, 2011, Berhan delivered our inaugural lecture in the TMS Auditorium. Her theme was the challenges and opportunities facing teachers who are shouldering multi-dimensional responsibilities as instructors, role models, disciplinarians, counselors, etc. She acknowledged that the operating environment for teachers might not be ideal. Nevertheless, she said that as Teachers they have made the solemn oath to educate the students with quality education and produce not only highly qualified technical graduates but also good citizens to serve their communities and support themselves. Berhan also recalled the finest education we received and the value of disciplined upbringing we cherished from our Canadian Jesuit and Ethiopian Teachers at TMS. She noted that TMS prepared her for life in meeting the challenges she faced in schools in the US and she owes gratitude to TMS.

Her lecture was extremely well received and she was requested to deliver similar messages to those who were not able to attend her talk. During Q&A, the following suggestions were made for TMSAANA to consider:

  • Recognizing the Faculty’s weak competency in the English language, there is a growing demand for English language training;
  • Advisory Services to the College Administration would be highly beneficial; and
  • TMSAANA may also explore making twining arrangements for collaboration between the College and similar Colleges in the US.

We have promised to convey the above suggestions to TMSAANA. At the end of her presentation, the Faculty surprised her with the display of Commercial Section Graduates from 1965 to 1973.

Final Word: I strongly believe that sharing knowledge is sometimes more potent than the provision of physical and financial assistance. The enthusiasm exhibited by the participants and the feedback I received subsequently testifies to the thirst for such interaction/sharing, and urge Fellow Alumni to support the Program.

Cheers, Petros Aklilu ’66 –in Addis.

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