TMS Water Fountain Restored by TMSACA and TMSAANA

Who has not gulped from the TMS water fountain before heading to class? Nearly everyone has!

The famous TMS water fountain was built over 80 years ago after TMS was established in 1925. It was a center of student gathering either before or after class or after participation in sport events when students line up to bend down and drink from the six fountainheads. Due to lack of regular maintenance, it gradually fell into disrepair with only two of the fountainheads working.

Recognising the water fountain’s importance in TMS’ history, TMSACA and TMSAANA undertook its complete restoration to its originally state, using the same type of stone but improved water pipes.

The water fountain was inaugurated on 8 December 2016 in the presence of the Dean, teachers and students of the College and TMSACA and TMSAANA Board and members.

See the pictures from the inauguration event under “Photo Gallery” and “Water Fountain Inauguration”.

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