2016 First Quarter TMSAANA Board Update

Board of Directors
Bisrat Aklilu, ’67, President
Alem W. Hawariat ’70, Vice President
Garedew Atnafseged,’68, Secretary
Temesgen Petros,’66, Treasurer
Selam Yisma ’71, Member
Aklilu Mekonnen ’74, Member

31 March 2016

Dear TMS Alumni,

2016 First Quarter TMSAANA Board Update

Third TMSAANA General Assembly: The main focus of the Board during the first quarter has been the preparation for the Third General Assembly (GA), which will be held during the Memorial weekend on Sunday, 29 May, at the Washington Hebrew Congregation, 3935 Macomb Street NW (Corner of Mass. Ave & Macomb St). The meeting will be from 10 am to 4pm with registration starting at 9am.

The detailed programme which is under preparation, includes Report of the Board on various aspects of TMSAANA’s activities – programmes under implementation, finance, membership, and collaboration with TMSACA – presentation of a short film of a drama about the ‘History of TMS’ by the current students of TMS, a.k.a. Entoto Polytechnic College, and GA discussions and decisions on the future programme and activities of TMSAANA. The Board welcomes your suggestions.

The Keynote Speaker will be Mr. Doug Eadie, Peace Corps Volunteer to TMS from 1964 to 1967. Doug is President & CEO of Doug Eadie & Company and a nationally prominent thought leader in the fields of nonprofit and public leadership and management. A strong supporter of TMS and TMSAANA, he is helping us keep the TMS name alive by continuing to feature a number of TMS alumni in his “Entwined Lives” blog, which are also posted in the “Doug Eadie Corner” of our TMSAANA website.

We will have a TMS Reunion Dinner on Saturday, 28 May at 7pm at Meaza Ethiopian Restaurant, 5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, in Virginia. Spouses and friends of TMS are cordially invited. Alumni are kindly requested to confirm attendance of the Reunion Dinner and/or General Assembly to TMSAANA Board member, Ms. Selam Yisma at selam.yisma@gmail.com.

TMSAANA Publication: On the occasion of the Third GA, the TMSAANA biannual publication is under preparation for which the Board invites Alumni to share a short (1-3 pages, only please!) article on your TMS memories/experiences. Please send your contribution as soon as possible to Alem Wold-Hawariat, TMSAANA Vice-President at alem.whm@gmail.com.

TMS Name Restoration: The TMSAANA and TMSACA Boards continue to actively follow-up with the Addis Ababa City Administration our long-standing request to have the TMS name restored. During the GA meeting, we will inform you the status of our request.

TMSAANA Scholarship and related Assistance Programme to Female Students: The Board is pleased to report it has reached its goal of increasing to 800 students, TMSAANA’s scholarship and financial support to deserving and needy students. Detailed report will be provided during the GA meeting.

TMSAANA Financials and Membership Fee Payment: The Board will present a detailed financial report during the GA meeting. This will be an area that the Board will request the General Assembly to give serious consideration to. With the legal recognition of TMSACA, TMSAANA is developing a major 10 years collaborative assistance programme towards the TMS Centennial of 2025.    

Alumni are reminded that your $120 annual membership fee will finance the annual sanitary cost of 4 needy female students or the annual school registration fee of 7 meritorious and needy students! Members are encouraged to make multi-year contributions, as a number of Alumni are doing.

 Please send your contributions through either:    

     1) PayPal: Available on www.tmsaana.com or alumni@tmsaana.com 

      2) Check:  TMSAANA c/o Temesgen Petros, 6263 Willowfield Way, Springfield, VA 22150, or

      3) Bank Transfer: TMSAANA TD Bank Acct. No. 426-440-8216 (copy to tpetros12@verizon.net)

 Revised TMSAANA Logo: We thank TMS Alumnus Artist Fasil Dawit for revising and brightening our TMSAANA Logo.  

We look forward to welcome you to the Third General Assembly. Please contact your TMS classmates and ex-TMS Teachers that have not joined TMSAANA and invite them to log and register in the TMSAANA website and to attend our biannual Third General Assembly.

With best regards,
Bisrat Aklilu ’67,

“ይህችንም የዕውቀት ምግብ ቀጥታ የምታሳድጋችሁን ተማሪ ቤት በጥበብ አድጋችሁ በአእምሮ በምትጐለምሱበት ጊዜ እግዚአብሔር እንደየዕድላችሁ በሚሰጣችሁ ዕውቀት የሀገራችን መሣሪያ ናትና እንዳትጠብ እንድትሰፋ እንዳትወድቅ እንድትበረታ እንድትረዱዋት እለምናችኋለሁ።”

ልዑል አልጋ ወራሽ ተፈሪ መኰንን
ሚያዝያ ፲፱ ፲፱፻፲፯
የተፈሪ መኰንን ትምህርት ቤትን ሲከፍቱ ካደረጉት ንግግር

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