2015 Fourth Quarter TMSAANA Board Update

Dear TMSAANA Alumni,

TMSAANA Board 2015 Fourth Quarter Update

Your Board is pleased to send you the enclosed update on TMSAANA activities during the Fourth Quarters of 2015, which is also posted on the TMSAANA website.

For detailed information on TMSAANA, please visit www.tmsaana.com and for those Alumni who have not registered, kindly do so by logging into the website.

We wish you and your family health and happiness during this holiday season.

Best Regards,
Bisrat Aklilu ’67,

“ይህችንም የዕውቀት ምግብ ቀጥታ የምታሳድጋችሁን ተማሪ ቤት በጥበብ አድጋችሁ በአእምሮ በምትጐለምሱበት ጊዜ እግዚአብሔር እንደየዕድላችሁ በሚሰጣችሁ ዕውቀት የሀገራችን መሣሪያ ናትና እንዳትጠብ እንድትሰፋ እንዳትወድቅ እንድትበረታ እንድትረዱዋት እለምናችኋለሁ።”

ልዑል አልጋ ወራሽ ተፈሪ መኰንን
ሚያዝያ ፲፱ ፲፱፻፲፯
የተፈሪ መኰንን ትምህርት ቤትን ሲከፍቱ ካደረጉት ንግግር

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