First Board of Directors: November 2011- Oct. 2014

         Petros Aklilu, ’66, President
         Yirgu Wolde, ’66, Vice President (Until October 2012)
         Alem Wolde Hawariat ’70, Vice President (Since November 2012)
         Berhan Dargay, ’69, Secretary
         Tsehay Elias, ’69, Treasurer (Until October 2012)
         Temesgen Petros,’66, Treasurer (Since November 2012)
         Henock Gugsa – Web Administrator (Until June 2012)


Board Committee Members:
Work Program: P. Aklilu (Chair), A. Hapte ’50, and B. Eshetie ’68.
Membership Development: Y. Wolde (Chair), T. Yemane ’56, E. Amare ’65, B. Aklilu ’67, Tadelle ’68, B. Dargay ’69, A. Woldehawariat ’70, and  S. Yisma ’71.
Fund Raising: B. Dargay (Chair), F. Hailemariam ’68, and B. Eshetie ’68.
Special Events: T. Elias (Chair) and F. Hailemariam ’68.

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